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How to Contribute?

How do Contributions Work?

Wet grass
Wet grass
Wet grass

What is a Grassroots Campaign?

A grassroots campaign is a campaign driven by groups of everyday citizens, rather than political power or influential interest groups (corporations).  


We are running a grassroots campaign because it is our mission to work and advocate for the people, not the top 1%.  This is why every contribution helps.  

How Much Can We Contribute?(Limits)

One person cannot contribute more than $3,300 per candidate/ per election to a Principal Campaign Committee.  

How Can We Contribute

Personal Check:

Make it payable to "Brandon Saffold for Congress." Check your maximum contribution limits.



Cash contributions have a limit of $100 per person for each election.


*You will need to provide your mailing address, email address, and full name. Receipts will be given  in person for check and cash contributions. If you contribute online you will be given a receipt electronically.*


Anonymous Contributions:

Cannot exceed $50 per anonymous contribution.



You can contribute online via ActBlue.  Any donation button on this website will take you there.

Google Pay



Debit/ Credit Card

Can We Contribute Something Other Than Money?


In-Kind Contributions

"Goods or services offered free or at less than the usual charge."-FEC Website


Any In-Kind contribution will be valued at normal market price and count towards that elections contribution limit.



Join the team! We could always use support on the ground.  Grassroots campaigns are most successful with support from the community and leaders willing to donate their time.

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